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Software to Organize Receipts

Best Software to Scan and Organize Receipts


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Using Windows or Mac, if you are a financial worker, you should need the best software to scan and organize receipts. Because managing finance documents is not an easy process, such as scan and to manage expenses on your computers, you will need these software.

Organize Receipt Software

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Best Software to Organize Receipts

Below are some great software to adjust the scanner to make it use for receipt organizing.

The features you probably need are going to different depends on your work, but the most important feature, it must helps you to complete scanning and organizing receipts reports.



NeatReceipts by Neat software will helps you to organize receipts easily, but not only that. It also usable for tax related documents, business cards and scanning numerous documents separately. For the best results, you can print the receipts, email it, or export it into another formats including PDF, QIF or OFX.

NeatReceipts scanner has a great quality as a very lightweight scanner, organize receipts and even manage another digital images. You can use USB cable and also the accessories provided by NEAT when you need to take it on travelling as a desktop storage. And the most lovely to heard that it is also available for both PC or Mac users.

Fujitsu Rack2-Filer

Rack2-Filer is a software by Fujitsu which comes with great features to scanand filing your data applicationinto digital file. With Rack2-Filer and also using the Fujitsu scanner, you can easily scan, manage, print, edit, distribute and organize your digital documents. It gives a very user-friendly interface, but unluckily it is not available for Mac users.


Sometimes you do not want to manage it on the cloud, so OfficeDrop offers two options for you. As a Mac user, you can scan your documents using the provided software by the website to connect into your Google Docs account, Evernote (the things i love!), and more accounts in progress of the development. But as a Windows user, you are only allowed to use it on the cloud. OfficeDrop works with familiar numerous scanners from HP, Fujitsu, Canon, Visioneer, Epson, and others.


Shoeboxed is another great options for in Cloud digital data organizer. It works by scanning the receipts and electronically send them all into Shoeboxed account, and then you can easily organize and save them online. In case you have a great size of receipts, simply mail and send it, and Shoeboxed does the rest scanningprocess the data entry.

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